Wood Wallpaper

Humans have been using wood and modified timber for tens of thousands of years, making it one of the oldest building and fabrication materials in human history. For most, wooden textures feel at home; almost the forest and country foliage speak to a deeper part of ourselves; something sacred and from a more earthy part of our psyche.

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Wood has been used for its tensile strength and longevity while also being revered for its natural beauty and aesthetic. Coco's collection of wood inspired wallpaper has something for every timber lover, from raw timber textures to tree-filled landscapes and wood grain patterns.

Wood textured wallpaper

Whether you are trying to bring some natural tones into your interior design or are trying to maintain a wood grain theme, there is something for every style and trend in our wood textured wallpaper selection.

Our selection features pages of wood grain finishes in photo-quality, high-definition, making our woodgrain wallpaper is as close to the real thing you can get.

Examples of our extensive wood-inspired textured wallpaper include:

  • Wood panels
  • Timber slats
  • Carved wood designs
  • Wood piles
  • Forest and wilderness scenes
  • Raw timber images
  • Wooden end cut graphics
  • Coloured wooden designs
  • Wooden doors and more

Because our pictures are photo images, every line, knot, grain, and growth rings are crystal clear, providing a stunning finish never before seen in legacy wallpaper products.

Wood patterned wallpaper

Wood can offer unique patterns and graphics that have inspired artists and designers for generations. Modern removable wallpaper allows for large scale wood-inspired patterns for feature walls or to cover an entire room.

Examples of our broad range of wood-inspired patterned wallpaper include:

  • Wood grain patterns
  • Abstract printed woodgrain
  • Tree and timber inspired patterns
  • Artistic wood interpretations
  • Woods and foliage or fruit
  • Child's room wooded patterns
  • Stacked log patterns and more

Whether you are matching your house's woodgrain features or contrasting a minimalist finish, our collection can provide you with the ideal solution.

Photographic wood-inspired wallpaper

Nature is the ultimate work of art. Photographers who are obsessed with capturing nature behind the lens of a camera have given us some fantastic shots over time, and our collection of wood-inspired photographic wallpaper features the best of the bunch.

Our photographic wood-inspired wallpaper collection feature prints such as:

  • Tall redwood forests
  • Stunning tree-lined landscape views
  • Macro-lens wood photos
  • Bamboo forests
  • Artistic photo edits of wood-themes
  • Birchwood forests
  • Black and white wood photography and more

Our diverse collection of wood-inspired photography wallpaper collections offers something for every interior aesthetic, whether for the kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom.

Our collection of high-quality removable wallpaper is self-adhesive, requiring no messy glues and pastes, and needs only a handful of basic tools.

Every package comes with easy to follow instructions, and there are video tutorials online to help you get the best results. Just some minimal prep-work, peel off a small strip at the top, and remove the backing as you smooth down the wall; it's that easy!

We offer fast and affordable shipping Australia wide, so browse online today and shop today. For more information about our removable wallpaper collection, call our toll-free number, or send our inquiry via our online contact form.

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