Vintage Wallpaper

If your home decor style is all things vintage, then our vast range of vintage-inspired removable wallpaper will complete your interior design aesthetics to a high tea.

With stunning photo-quality images, hand-painted vintage art, and classic wallpaper designs, there is something for every vintage loving DIY renovator or professional interior design specialist in our vast collection.

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Our range features a comprehensive selection of vintage wallpaper designs, including:

  • Classic art
  • Vintage photography
  • Vintage wallpaper patterns
  • Classic decor patterns
  • Classic prints
  • Vintage abstract and surrealist designs
  • Vintage pop images and more

Sometimes it is good to live in the past, and we have every time traveller covered with Coco's range of vintage-inspired wallpaper.

Classic vintage wallpaper

Our range of classic vintage wallpaper comes in a wide range of patterns and designs from a bygone era, some of which have been used for hundreds of years all over the world.

Our collection includes classic vintage wallpaper prints such as:

  • Bowood
  • Zebra
  • Toile de Nantes
  • Pyne Hollyhock
  • Parakeets and pearls
  • Damask
  • Plaid
  • Horizontal and vertical stripe designs
  • Vintage geometrical patterns and much more

Envelope your room with the styles of yesteryear with Coco's incredible range of vintage removable wallpaper and wall murals.

Vintage art wallpaper

Coco's vintage wallpaper collection features a wide range of classic art pieces to complement classical home decor styles. There is something to inspire all art lovers, from exact replicas of famous art to modern interpretations of vintage art pieces.

Examples of our vintage art wallpaper collection include:

  • Famous sculptures and statues
  • Renaissance art
  • Vintage botanical and floral art
  • Heritage art pieces
  • Turn of the century art
  • 1960s and 70s pop art and much more

There is something for every art critic and connoisseur in our diverse range of vintage wallpaper and wall mural art wallpaper and wall murals.

Vintage print wallpaper

Coco's wallpaper collection features a wide range of vintage prints, including interior 3D designs and vintage interior design prints, to transform the aesthetic of your living spaces.

Our extensive collection includes printed wallpaper images such as:

  • 3D Vintage stucco panels
  • 3D Vintage wooden panels
  • 3D Vintage plaster panels
  • Vintage maps
  • Vintage flora and fauna prints
  • Vintage vehicle prints
  • Vintage movie stills
  • Vintage cityscapes
  • Vintage photography and much more

These high-definition images and prints make an ideal feature installation or can fade to the background to accentuate your vintage interior design and fixtures.

All Coco wallpaper, wall murals and hallway art are self-adhesive, easy to install and require minimal tools, many of which you may already have in the home toolbox. Each package comes with easy to follow instructions, and there are video tutorials online to help you get the best results from your removable wallpaper.

We offer fast and affordable shipping Australia wide, and all our printed wallpaper comes with a quality guarantee. Our diverse range of wallcoverings allows you to change and transform your interior design at a whim and at a fraction of the cost and effort of traditional wall coverings.

Shop online and buy today! If you would like more information about removable wallpaper from Coco, call our toll-free number, or send your inquiry via our online contact form, and one of our representatives will respond promptly.

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