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From the competitive warriors of ancient Mesopotamia, the champions of the Greek Olympics, to today's modern arenas of elite athletes, humans love some healthy competition, pitting the best against the best, all seeking the glory of being number one in their chosen game.

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Sports competition is not always about humans against humans; sometimes, people choose to engage in more extreme sports in a self-initiated competition aimed at conquering nature, denying fear and defying physics.

No matter what kind of sport you are into, there is something to celebrate your passion or inspire sports performance in our diverse collection of sports-themed wallpaper.


Every country in the world has a handful of ball sports loved and adored by the population, with some even having public holidays for grand finals and championships.

You will find some of the most loved and played ball sports in the world with our sports wallpaper collection, including:

  • AFL
  • Soccer
  • Rugby
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Bowling
  • Snooker
  • Golf and more

From stunning action photography to artistic and digitally rendered designs, there is bound to be a design that celebrates your favourite game and stirs the competitive spirit.

Athletic and endurance sports

The athletic form is something to behold, and we have all the athletic and endurance spots here in our diverse sports wallpaper selection, including:

  • Cycling
  • Swimming and diving
  • Athletics
  • Running
  • Archery
  • Boxing
  • Wrestling
  • MMA and martial arts
  • Gymnastics
  • Weightlifting
  • Physique and more

Whether for a sporting facility, gym, private workout area, or kid's room, there will be a wallpaper design to inspire and excite the inner athlete in all of us.


If you love the sounds and smells of the race track, then you will love our collection of motorsports wallpaper, featuring:

  • F1 racing
  • V8s
  • Motorbikes
  • Motocross
  • Rally cars and more

Some of our photographic motorsports wallpaper is so realistic that you may even catch a hint of spent fuel and burning rubber.

Extreme sports

If you like your spots a little more on the extreme side, then we have you covered. Our wallpaper selection features a range of extreme action sports, including:

  • Surfing
  • Bodyboarding
  • Kite surfing
  • Inline skating
  • BMX
  • Extreme motorcycles
  • Skateboarding
  • Skydiving and much more

Whether you like your action in the concrete jungle, ocean or mountain top, there is an extreme sports wallpaper design to satisfy any obsession.

Our comprehensive collection of sports wallpaper features self-adhesive backing, so there is no need for protective covers for floors and furniture, and the only clean-up required is responsible disposal of offcuts and peel-off backing.

All Coco wallpaper packs come with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions with tips to help you get the best results with your wallpaper, wall mural, or wall sticker installation.

Our wallpaper products are of the highest quality and are ideal for professional interior design applications and DIY installations. We have a range of convenient and secure payment methods and provide fast and affordable shipping Australia-wide, so why not browse and buy online today?

For more information about our sports wallpaper, or any other wallpaper category, call our toll-free number, or send your inquiry via email, and we will respond promptly.

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