Planet Wallpaper

The heavenly spheres are a mystery that has captivated humanity since we first gazed upon the night sky. The stars and planets have inspired religions, and spiritual beliefs, been used to navigate the earth before modern technology and been used to tell creation stories by ancient people all around the world.

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Modern times have seen our focus on our solar system become more scientific, inspiring our brightest minds to go off planet and discover new worlds, either by satellites and probes or by sending man into space in rocket ships bound for the unknown.

The planets also make a great topic for fantasy, featured throughout history in books, TV shows and cinema, enjoyed by the old and young.

Our collection of planet wallpaper has all things interplanetary, from kid's prints to realistic high-definition images, featuring pages of designs for space lovers everywhere.

Planet wallpaper

If you love exploring our incredible solar system and are looking to include your love of everything off-planet, then our range of planet wallpaper is bound to have the perfect interior design solution, including:

  • Detailed Earth wall murals
  • Moon shots
  • The sun
  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn 
  • Uranus 
  • Neptune

The gangs are all here, in beautiful full-colour prints, including full cover wallpaper, wall murals, wall stickers and more.

Planet art wallpaper

Whether created by hand or digitally rendered, our extensive collection of planet art wallpaper is the ideal solution for people looking to create a space theme for home, business or education.

Examples of our planet art wallpaper include:

  • High-definition digital art
  • Planet fantasy art
  • Shuttle launch and spacecraft photography
  • Planet-themed patterned wallpaper
  • Labelled educational solar system designs
  • Imagined alien landscapes and more

Inspire, educate and decorate with our extensive collection of high-def, full-colour planet art wallpaper products.

Kids planet wallpaper

Kids are fascinated by space and planets, whether in media, books, comics or cartoons. Our kid's planet wallpaper collection is ideal for giving your fledgling astronaut a taste of space.

Examples of our kid's planet wallpaper designs include:

  • Cartoon planet designs
  • Friendly aliens
  • Planets and rocket ship patterns
  • Colourful moons and planets
  • Fun solar system educational wall murals
  • Famous kid's sci-fi characters and more

New generation removable wallpaper features a self-adhesive backing, making installation a breeze. All that is required is some minor paperwork to ensure a clean, smooth surface, and all that is needed is a handful of basic, common tools, many of which you may already have in your home or business. 

Because our wallpaper is self-adhesive, there is no need for floor or furniture covers to protect them from messy adhesives. In addition, clean-up is easy; all you have to do is responsibly dispose of offcuts and the wallpaper backing.

Our quality wallpaper is suitable for professional and DIY applications. Each pack comes with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions with tips to help you get the best results. We offer a range of secure and convenient payment options, and provide fast and affordable shipping Australia-wide, so why not browse and buy online today?

For more information about our extensive range of removable wallpaper and interior design solutions, call our toll-free number, or send your inquiry via email, and one of our representatives will respond promptly.

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