Ombre Wallpaper

Ombre is the act or skill of blending one colour hue into another or several other colours with tints or shades from light to dark. Ombre is an artistic skill used in all kinds of artforms, from fine and decorative art to interior design, craft and architectural painting.

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In art, ombre can also be used to create texture and depth in various ways, whether for life drawing or more abstract styles of artistic expression.

Our collection of ombre-inspired wallpaper and wall murals feature all things in the ombre style, from colour textures and digitally enhanced photography to artistic images and colour studies.

Ombre wallpaper

Our collection of plain ombre wallpaper is like a deep study of colour blends. We have a range of various ombre finishes and textures, including:

  • Gloss and matte ombre finishes
  • Textile ombre designs
  • Metallic ombre pieces
  • Rainbow ombre patterns
  • Light and dark colours
  • Heavily contrasted designs
  • Pastel ombre styles
  • Ombre patterns
  • Geometric ombre graphics
  • 3D ombre wallpaper designs and more

If you love ombre contrast in interior design, you have come to the right place. With pages of diverse ombre designs, you may be spoiled for choice.

Ombre art wallpaper

From classic art to abstract ombre pieces, a selection of art wallpaper with ombre tones and themes will make your home look like an art collector's dream.

Our collection features:

  • Classic art with ombre tones
  • Abstract and surrealist ombre-style prints
  • Art deco and pop art featuring ombre tones
  • Watercolour ombre interpretations
  • Oil and acrylic textures¬†
  • Ombre silhouette art
  • geometric ombre studies and more

If you like your interior design more on the arty side, our collection of ombre-inspired art wallpaper has something for every style and taste.

Other ombre wallpaper themes

Ombre is a diverse colour technique that appears in art, design and nature. Our collection features many other wallpaper designs that fall into the ombre bracket, including:

  • Photographic wallpaper
  • Brick and concrete hombre textures
  • Timber finishes with ombre elements
  • Ombre tiles and mosaics
  • Raw and cut natural stone ombre designs
  • Ombre animal patterns
  • Rust-inspire ombre finishes and much more

The high-quality removable wallpaper in our comprehensive library of wall coverings is ideal for professional interior designs and DIY renovators.

Our removable wallpaper collection features self-adhesive backing, removing the need for messy glues and pastes like traditional wallpaper. This means there is no need for ugly furniture and floor covers, and all that is required for clean-up is responsible disposal of the offcuts and backing.

All that is needed for installation is some easy prep work and a handful of common tools, many of which are found in most homes and businesses. In addition, each pack of Coco wallpaper comes with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions to help you get the best results. 

We have a range of secure payment methods, and provide fast and affordable shipping to all Australian states and territories, so why not browse and buy online today?

To learn more about our full range of quality removable wallpaper products, call our toll-free number, or send your inquiries via email, and a representative will respond promptly.

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