Ocean Wallpaper

Humans are drawn to the ocean and the shoreline for many reasons. Some find the crashing of the waves soothing and healing, some enjoy the playfulness of the sand and surf, and others have a deep connection to the deep blue sea and the mysterious creatures that inhabit it.

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Our diverse range of ocean-themed wallpaper allows everyone to share their love of the ocean, whether they live on the coast or miles inland of the shoreline.

Photographic ocean wallpaper

Printing technologies now allow large-scale high-definition photography to be seamlessly printed onto wallpaper, creating stunning feature walls for homes and businesses.

Our collection features incredible ocean shots from around the globe, including:

  • Underwater shots
  • Artistic sand photography
  • Shore views
  • Coastal scenes
  • Season's ocean scenes and much more

Our extensive collection may leave you spoilt for choice if you have a passion for ocean photography.

Surf and wave wallpaper

Whether you are an avid surfer or just love the sound of waves crashing on the shore, there is something in our collection that brings the rolling ocean tide into your interior design.

Our wallpaper collection features a wide range of wave and surf action prints, including:

  • Small and large wave shots
  • Surf-craft prints
  • Surf action shots
  • Split under and above surf images
  • Churning surf photography and more

Catch the next wave of interior design solutions with our surf and wave wallpaper selection.

Artistic Ocean wallpaper

The ocean has been an inspiration for visual artists for millennia, and this tradition continues in our ocean-inspired artistic wallpaper collection.

Examples of our ocean art wallpaper designs include:

  • Hand-painted ocean scenes
  • Surrealist and abstract ocean prints
  • Hand-painted ocean creature art
  • Watercolour ocean-themed wall stickers
  • Classic and contemporary ocean art
  • Impressionist wave art and more

If you are an art connoisseur with a love of the ocean, our ocean-inspired artistic wallpaper collection may have the perfect print for your feature wall.

Ocean animals

One of the scariest and most beautiful aspects of the sea is the weird and wonderful animals and creatures that inhabit our oceans. Our collection features pages of ocean animals, including:

  • Whales
  • Dolphins
  • Octopus
  • Fish
  • Starfish
  • Sharks
  • Turtles
  • Stingrays
  • Seabirds
  • Sealions
  • Otters and more

There are also images depicting ocean creatures from the realms of imagination, fantasy, and storytelling, like mermaids, pirates and the dreaded Kraken.

Other ocean wallpaper

The ocean is a diverse place, full of mystery and wonder, and offers seemingly endless design inspirations. Other ocean-themed prints you can find in our wallpaper collection include:

  • Boats and seacraft
  • Wind and kite surfing
  • Ocean maps and cartography designs
  • Ocean mythology
  • Art-decor ocean-themes
  • Famous destinations and much more

All our wallpaper designs are self-adhesive, requiring no glues, pastes, or protection for floors and furniture.

Removable wallpaper is easy to install, even with no prior experience, requiring only a handful of small tools and a ladder. Each kit comes with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions, with video tutorials available online to help you obtain a professional finish.

We have a range of secure payment options for your convenience and provide fast and reliable shipping Australia-wide. For more information about our Coco Wallpaper interior design solutions, call our toll-free number, or send your inquiry via email.

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