Nature Wallpaper

Nature is a miracle of which all humans are a part. Even the most urbanised person sometimes feels drawn to nature as if called by the trees, earth, water and wildlife to reconnect to the planet and stand in awe of nature's wonder, mystery and beauty.

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Our collection of nature-inspired wallpaper celebrates the natural world in all its glory, from the deepest ocean to the tallest mountain top and all the creatures that dwell within.

Ocean wallpaper

From deep ocean creatures to coastal views, our collection of ocean-themed nature wallpaper will take you on a seaside journey around the globe. 

Our collection features ocean nature graphics like:

  • Famous coastal views
  • Underwater photography
  • Sea creatures
  • Ocean art
  • Sea-themed wallpaper designs and patterns
  • Waves
  • Surf action and more

If you feel the ocean's call in your room makeover, browse our pages of beautiful ocean wallpaper and wall murals.

Mountain wallpaper

Snow-capped mountains, vast wilderness, and stunning wildlife are all found in the majestic landscape of the mountains. Our collection of mountain wallpaper has a wide range of photographic and designer wallpaper prints; including: 

  • Mountain aerial photography
  • Mountain animal prints
  • Mountain-themed art and patterns
  • Skiing action scenes
  • Snow covered trees and more

Whether for the nature lover, the climbing enthusiast, or the avid hiker, there is a scene or style for everyone in our vast collection.

Forest wallpaper

The smell of fresh pine, beautiful birds, the sun through the trees and grassy open spaces are all found in our forest wallpaper selection. Our forest collection has an extensive range of forest-themed nature wall coverings, including:

  • Pine forests
  • Aerial forest views
  • Forest art
  • Forest-themed patterned wallpaper
  • Forest dwelling animals
  • Forest botanical and floral designs
  • Forest-inspired wallpaper patterns
  • Waterfalls and forest streams
  • Lake scenery and much more

Our nature wallpaper prints are so realistic you may be able to smell the fresh air and pine during your morning coffee.

Animal wallpaper

Nature is full of wondrous, captivating, beautiful animals of all shapes, sizes, furs, feathers and colours. In our Coco nature collection, the gangs are all here.

In our collection of Animal wallpaper designs, you can find:

  • Wolves
  • Bears
  • Deer
  • Big cats
  • Australian natives
  • African animals
  • Jungle animals
  • Desert animals and more

If you're an animal lover, you will likely find your favourite feather, a furry or scaly friend, in our extensive nature wallpaper selection.

Nature art wallpaper

Nature has always been a topic of inspiration for artists of all kinds, including painters, sculptures and photographists. Our nature-themed wallpaper and wall mural art includes graphics and prints such as:

  • Classic and contemporary nature art
  • Famous nature art pieces
  • Watercolour prints
  • Botanical and floral art
  • Plant and nature-themed patterns
  • Vintage nature prints and more

Self-adhesive removable wallpaper is user-friendly for all DIY and professional applications, requiring minimal tools or wallpaper installation experience. Each pack comes with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions to help you get the best results.

With a range of payment methods and shipping Australia-wide, why not browse and buy online today? For more information about our nature-themed wall coverings, call our toll-free number, or send your inquiry via email, and one of our representatives will respond promptly.

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