Music Wallpaper

Rarely does a person not have a type or many types of music that they love, whether it be classical, jazz, blues, rock, hip hop or pop, and we all have a unique soundtrack to our lives that bring up memories and define periods of our history.

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Whether for home, business or education, our collection of music wallpaper provides an easy and affordable way to make a musical interior space that brings more melody into your day.

Music wallpaper

With pages of different themes and musical designs, there is bound to be something for every music style and taste, whether you are renovating a live-music venue, giving a school music room a make-over, or decking out your own home studio.

Examples of our music wallpaper include:

  • Large music notes
  • Music note patterns
  • Pop-art music themes
  • Urban music themes
  • Musician silhouettes
  • Blues and jazz wallpaper
  • Wallpaper art
  • Famous band wall murals and stickers
  • Punk themes and much more

Whether you listen to your music on vinyl or stream your favourite tunes online, there is something for every music taste in our vast gallery of music wallpaper.

Instrument wallpaper

Whether you are into strings, wind, brass, keyboards or drums, our music wallpaper has a musical instrument theme for all players and admirers, including prints, photos and patterns featuring:

  • Guitars
  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Saxophone
  • Cello
  • Violin
  • Trumpet
  • Flutes
  • Orchestral instruments
  • Pianos and keys¬†
  • Instrument silhouettes and more

The band's all here with our music wallpaper collection; the perfect thing to hit the sweet note with your musical interior design.

Music photographic wallpaper

Music photography is a unique passion enjoyed by amateur and professional photographers the world over. Our photographic music wallpaper selection features some amazing live music prints, including:

  • Live Jazz
  • Live rock and metal
  • Orchestras
  • Famous music venues
  • Famous musicians
  • Operas
  • Vinyl record photos
  • Historic music shots
  • Instrument photography
  • Music culture photography
  • Music action shots and more

With pages of designs and graphics, there is something for every music lover in our music photographic wallpaper collection, whether you are giving the conductor a standing ovation or raising your fist to your favourite rockstar.

Other music wallpaper

With so many designs in our music wallpaper library, there are many other themes and graphics available, including:

  • Musical art wallpaper
  • Abstract music prints
  • Musical patterns
  • Music education themes
  • Kids music wallpaper and much more

Our musical wallpaper is self-adhesive, easy to install, and requires minimal preparation. All that is needed is a ladder and some simple tools, all of which are commonly found in the home, school or office.

There is also no need for floor or furniture protection, and the only clean-up required is responsible disposal of backing and offcuts. All Coco wallpaper packs come with easy-to-follow instructions with tips to help you get a professional result.

We offer a range of secure and convenient payment options, and provide fast, reliable and affordable shipping Australia-wide, so why not browse and buy online today?

To learn more about our music wallpaper selection, send your inquiry and details via email, or to speak to a representative, call our toll-free number.

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