Marble Wallpape

Polished marble offers an air of sophistication and class and comes in a wide array of natural colour tones and drifting patterns crafted by the earth over thousands of years.

You can harness the beautiful natural aesthetic of marble with Coco Wallpaper's marble textured removable wallpaper collection. This extensive collection has many natural marble stone finishes, including light and dark stone styles.

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Earthy marble wallpaper

Our range of earthy marble wallpaper finishes features deep chocolaty hues with sandy, terracotta textures contrasted through intricate natural swirls and grainlines.

White marble wallpaper

Many cultures have revered White marble, including ancient Greece and Rome. White marble provides a stark contrast for darker tones around the room and creates an exquisite finish in all rooms, especially kitchens and bathrooms.

Dark marble wallpaper

Dark marble can provide a stunning noir feel to any room, replicating dark stone finishes like malachite or obsidian type hues. In addition, the lighter grains give a lovely contrast to the almost black stone.

Gold vein marble Wallpaper

Gold vein marble offers an eye-catching finish that utilises golden veins through the grain of dark marble stone. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, or as a magnificent feature wall cover for living rooms and hallways.

Textured and stylised marble and stone wallpaper

Modern printing and design technologies allow for stunning marble effects from photo-quality graphics of authentic marble and stone finishes of all kinds. 

Some other types of stone effects include, but is not limited to:

  • Agate
  • Amethyst
  • Quartz finishes
  • Sandstone and more

Examples of other marble effects that can be achieved with removable wallpaper include:

  • Chequered black and white marble
  • Rockpool mixed stone and sediment designs
  • Dreamscape marble tones
  • Thunderegg designs and much more

Coco also has a wide range of other earth and stone finishes in their removable wallpaper collection, including:

  • Ceramic tiles designs
  • Brick finishes
  • Terracotta tile designs
  • Stonewall effects
  • Pebble designs
  • Terrazzo graphics
  • Concrete designs
  • Stacked stone photos and much more

New marble removable wallpaper makes natural stone designs of all types available for all kinds of surfaces, including:

  • Walls
  • Splashbacks around the kitchen
  • Bathroom walls
  • Offices
  • Cafes, eateries and restaurant walls and much more

All removable wallpaper in Coco's extensive range is easy to wipe off and maintain. In addition, the wallpaper features self-adhesive backing negating the need for messy glues and pastes. 

Coco's collection of removable marble wallpaper is easy to install, requires minimal tools, and comes with easy to follow instructions. There are also video tutorials online to ensure you get the best results from your wall coverings.

Our expert design and acquisition professionals strive to remain at the forefront of removable wallpaper trends and work tirelessly to bring the highest-quality collection of removable wallpaper designs on the market, continually expanding our range of offerings.

We offer fast, reliable and affordable shipping to all Australian states and territories and are accompanied by quality assurance.

Browse and shop today online, or for more information about Coco removable wallpaper, contact us by phone or email. Send your inquiry via our online contact form, and one of our representatives will respond promptly.

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