Landscape Wallpaper

For millennia, landscapes have been used for wall murals and wall coverings around the world, from ancient Asia to renaissance-period Europe, filled with intricate detail, historical scenes, and beautiful naturescapes.

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These images can feature anything from the highest mountain tops to the waves crashing on the coastline. Our collection of landscape wallpaper makes for stunning feature walls and eye-catching decor that will capture the imagination of all who peer upon its beauty.


Forest landscape wallpaper can turn a room into a natural dreamscape with as little as one feature wall and is a fantastic compliment for rooms with abundant plan life.

Examples of our collection of forest landscape wallpaper include

  • Pine forest
  • Beech forests
  • Snowy forest scenes
  • Famous forest views from around the world
  • Misty forests
  • Aerial views
  • Mountain biking in forest landscapes
  • Forest lakes
  • Waterfalls and more

Our forest landscape wallpaper designs feature images from across the globe, so you can find the perfect print to suit your decor.


Open up your interior spaces and enjoy the view with our range of mountain-themed landscape wallpaper selection, featuring:

  • Snowy peaks
  • Mountain sunsets
  • Mountain roads
  • Action skiing landscape scenes
  • Seasonal mountain images
  • Famous mountain landscapes
  • Mountain lakes
  • Mountain streams and waterfalls
  • Mountaintop views and more

Take a deep breath of fresh air and enjoy the view with our Mountain Landscape wall coverings- a wonderful addition to any home decor.


Make every day and lazy day in the hills with our stunning hillside-themed landscape wallpaper. Enjoy scenery like:

  • Sunrise and sunset hillside prints
  • Famous hillsides around the world
  • Snow-covered hillsides
  • Seasonal hillside prints
  • Coastal hillside scenes and much more

Spend a day in the hills everyday from the comfort of your own lounge room by installing a hillside-themed feature wall into your home.


From long beaches to hidden coves, our selection of beach-inspired wallpaper designs features a diverse range of images from coastline across the globe, stylised in a range of weather and seasons.

Our ocean landscape wallpaper includes images like:

  • Tropical beaches
  • Stormy sea
  • Large surf images
  • Arid coastlines
  • Estuaries
  • Island images and more

Bring your favourite seaside view into your domain by selecting one or more of our stunning ocean-inspired landscape wallpaper prints.

Other landscape prints

We also have a wide range of other themes in our landscape wallpaper series, including:

  • Classic and contemporary landscape art
  • Abstract and surrealist landscapes
  • Asian-inspired landscape prints
  • Kid's landscape images
  • Animal on landscape prints
  • Famous landscapes and more

Landscape wallpaper can be used to create a stunning feature in your home or business and can open small rooms or complement wide-open spaces.

Our removable wallpaper features self-adhesive backing, requiring no messy glues or pastes, and can be installed using no more than a few common tools and a step ladder.

Each pack comes with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions, and there are video tutorials available online to assist you in getting the best results. With a range of payment methods and fast and affordable shipping Australia-wide, why not browse online and buy today? 

For more information about our range of landscape wallpaper, call the toll-free number at the bottom of the screen, or send your inquiry via email, and one of our representatives will respond promptly.

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