Forest Wallpaper

Reconnecting with nature in a forest is good for mental and physical well being. No matter how urbanised our lives get, many people are still drawn to nature for connection to the earth, healing and self-reflection.

You can now reconnect with the forest at home or work with Coco's forest-themed wallpaper collection. From stunning photographic images to artistic expressions, there is something in our collection for every forest and nature lover.

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Photographic forest wallpaper

New wave removable wallpaper is fabricated using modern, eco-friendly materials and advanced graphic design and printing technologies, allowing high-definition photography to be printed on a large scale without sacrificing picture quality.

Photographic wallpaper can provide a stunning effect, reviving traditional forest wallpaper designs, popular in the 70s and 80s, presenting fantastic nature photography in the quality it always intended to be viewed.

Our collection of photo-quality wallpaper and wall mural designs include:

  • Mountainous and forest landscape photos
  • White winter naturescapes
  • Black and white forest imagery
  • Forest graphics with animals
  • Forest waterfalls
  • Artistic forest photography and more

Our vast collection of photographic wallpaper features forests from all over the world, in all seasons, offering a stunning range of options for your interior design.

Artistic forest wallpaper

Forests have captivated many artists worldwide—the diverse range of colours and shapes, various foliage, beautiful wildflowers, and many wondrous animals provide an endless source of inspiration.

Coco's collection of forest art inspired wallpaper offers a wide range of artistic forest scapes for your home or business, bringing lush painted and printed images into any room or workspace.

Our wide range of forest-inspired art wallpaper includes:

  • Hand-painted forest art
  • Abstract forest art
  • Forest inspire patterns
  • Forest botanical art
  • Kids forest themes and much more

From vibrant colour schemes to simple greyscale designs, there is something for every natural art lover in our vast collection.

3D forest wallpaper

The world of 3D wallpaper has changed the face of interior design, offering wallcoverings that take you to another world. 

Forest-inspired removable wallpaper has also received the 3D treatment. So you can now bring the forest into your home every day, with captivating images that transcend into the wall to a beautiful green or powder snow landscape.

Examples of our range of forest-inspired 3D wallpaper include:

  • Real-life forest 3D images
  • Artistic 3D forest scenery
  • Forest animal 3D prints
  • 3D waterfall images
  • Abstract 3D forest art and more

3D wallpaper offers a new world of options for DIY renovators and interior designers to transform a space with a depth of field never before achieved on printed wall coverings.

Coco's wide range of removable wallpaper is self-adhesive, requiring no messy glues and only a few basic tools. In addition, all wallpaper packs come with easy-to-follow instructions designed to be understood by home renovators and interior design professionals alike.

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