Earth, Planet & Galaxy Wallpaper

The galaxy is still a mystery. Even with telescopes, radio-scopes, space shuttles and stations, astronauts, satellites and space probes sending back historic images of the cosmos, the galaxy is still a wondrous puzzle.

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Even in the last few decades, our knowledge of space has grown exponentially; yet, we are left with more questions than answers, so it is no wonder why many humans are fascinated with outer space, our solar system and the great beyond.

Our collection of Earth, planet & galaxy wallpaper celebrates our obsession with outer space and all the mysterious planets that dwell within.

Earth, planet & galaxy-themed wallpaper

Whether looking into the deep reaches of space or staying within the local solar system, we have a wide range of graphics and designs to sate your thirst for a space adventure.

Our collection includes a range of high-definition space graphics, including:

  • Solar system maps
  • Earth views
  • Rocket and space shuttle launches
  • Deep space images
  • Telescope photography
  • Astronaut shots
  • Educational space graphics and much more

Whether for bedrooms, home decor, businesses or education facilities, there is something in our vast collection that is bound to suit.

Earth, planet & galaxy-art wallpaper

Since we first looked up in wonder at the stars, ancient and modern artists have been inspired to create and replicate their interpretation of the firmament, whether real-life depictions or fantasy art.

Our collection features a wide range of artistic Earth, planet & galaxy wallpaper designs, including:

  • Digital art
  • Painted art
  • Photographic art
  • Sketched art and more

The sky above and the planetary spheres are already art from the universe; all we can do is use art to celebrate its vast, mysterious and beautiful creations.

Fantasy Earth, planet & galaxy-themed wallpaper

The mysteries of the universe are food for thought and stimulate imagination and creativity. We stock a wide collection of space-themed fantasy art, which includes:

  • Space action
  • Alien visitations
  • Otherworldly planets
  • Famous space cinema and more

Dive into your space fantasies from the comfort of your home with our extensive collection of space fantasy wallpaper.

Kid's Earth, planet & galaxy-themed wallpaper

From cartoons to big cinema hits and just sheer wonderment, kids love the freedom that space gives their imagination to be creative and explore possibilities.

Our collection of Earth, planet & galaxy wallpaper has a wide range of age-appropriate kids' designs for bedrooms, playrooms, childcare and education facilities, including:

  • Famous cartoon space characters
  • Toddler-appropriate space images
  • Animal friends in space
  • Satellites and spaceships
  • Friendly aliens and much more

Our range of space-age wallpaper is self-adhesive, meaning you need no messy glues, pastes, or floor and furniture protection like traditional wallpaper.

All that is required is a ladder and a few basic tools to cut and smooth the wallpaper onto the prepared surface. Each pack comes with detailed, easy-to-follow installation instructions to ensure you get the best results.

There is a range of secure payment methods, with fast and affordable shipping Australia-wide, so why not browse and buy online today?

For more information about our range of Earth, planet & galaxy wallpaper and other wall coverings, call our toll-free number, or contact us via email with your inquiry and details.

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