Dinosaurs Wallpaper

Over 66 million years ago, long before humankind, giant creatures roamed the Earth, many of which we still know little about and remained unknown by science until discovered in the late 1600s by Robert Plot, who originally thought he had found giant human bones.

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We are talking about the mysterious and terrifying dinosaur. The phrase dinosaur, meaning "terrible lizard", wasn't coined until 1841 by Sir Richard Owen, and the first dinosaur fossil wasn't recognised as such until the early 19th century.

As a relatively new scientific discovery in Earth's history, scientists, dinosaur enthusiasts, and people worldwide continue to be memorised by these mysterious creatures with otherworldly features that come in all shapes and sizes.

Dinosaurs have become popular in media and entertainment, with books, TV shows and movies making millions from dinosaurs franchise and merchandise. There have even been large-scale live animatronic productions made to celebrate our obsessions with these giant animals from a time forgotten.

Our collection of dinosaur-themed wallpaper has all your favourite species in realistic graphics and fun characters and can transform any room into a land time forgot.


Modern graphic and printing technologies have allowed designers to print realistic, high-definition graphics on a large scale, including onto wallpaper and self-adhesive wall murals.

Our collection of dinosaur-themed wallpaper comes in a wide range of striking, realistic and animated style prints that include large wall murals, wall stickers and 3D wallpaper.

Examples of our collection include:

  • Dinosaur action scenes
  • 3D Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Raptor prints
  • Forest and desert dinosaur scenes
  • Apocalyptic dinosaur scenes
  • Volcanic dinosaur pictures
  • Dinosaur bones
  • Museum pictures and much more

Each piece has its unique style and perspective and offers an amazing effect in any bedroom, playroom, education centre, science room or other space.

Dinosaur art

Dinosaurs are an inspiration for all kinds of artists, from hyper realistic painters to children's illustrators. Our collection features a range of artistic dinosaur wallpaper and art, including:

  • Hand-sketched dinosaurs
  • Dinosaur patterns
  • Black and white dinosaur art
  • Full-colour dinosaurs
  • Dinosaur wall stickers
  • Breakthrough wall decals and more

With such a diverse selection of dinosaur art wallpaper, there is bound to be something in our library for all dinosaur lovers.

Kids dinosaur wallpaper

Kids love dinosaurs, but some of the more realistic prints may be a little too graphic for a good night's sleep. We have a wide range of age-appropriate dinosaur wallpaper for little palaeontologists of tomorrow, including:

  • Dinosaur cartoon characters
  • Famous dinosaur animated characters
  • Bright and colourful dinosaur patterns
  • Happy dinosaur friends
  • Dinosaur silhouettes
  • Dinosaur stickers for kids
  • Fantasy kids dinosaur prints and much more

Our selection of dinosaur wallpaper for kids is also ideal for childcare centres, children's waiting rooms, play areas, creches and other childminding and education facilities.

Self-adhesive removable wallpaper is easy to install with only a few basic tools, requiring no furniture, floor coverings, or messy pastes and producing an instant, low-maintenance effect. We have a range of payment and postage options and provide shipping Australia-wide, so why not browse online and buy today?

For more information about our collection of dinosaur wallpaper and other wallcovering products, call our toll-free number or send your inquiry via email, and a representative will respond promptly.

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