Crystal Wallpaper

Crystals are a wonderful gift from nature and are adored by geologists, mineralogists, and nature enthusiasts everywhere. Some alternative healthcare practitioners and crystal lovers even believe these stunning natural wonders have mystical, spiritual and healing properties.

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There are three ways crystals naturally form; via natural vapour, mineral solution, or volcanically melting. There are over 4000 naturally occurring mineral crystals of varying compositions and mineral types; some pure and some a blend of deposits.

There are four types of crystal; ionic, metallic, covalent network, and molecular. Of all the crystals found in nature, fewer than 100 are considered usable gemstones, and only 16 are deemed precious.

Crystals, whether expensive diamonds or simple pieces of clear quartz, are beautiful and mesmerising and are collected by millions of people the world over.

Our collection of crystal-inspired wallpaper allows you to celebrate your love of crystals by adding stunning crystal-inspired features across your interior design. From beautiful photography to giant slabs of vibrant, colourful stone, there is something to dazzle the mineral mined in our vast selection.

Natural crystal wallpaper

While there are thousands of crystals, some types are particularly famous for their amazing colours, tones, textures and beauty. Our crystal wallpaper collection includes everyone's favourites, including:

  • Quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Agates
  • Tourmaline
  • Tigers eye
  • Diamonds
  • Crystal clusters
  • Faceted crystals 
  • 3D crystal designs 
  • Crystal caves and more

If you're a crystal admirer, you must check out our comprehensive selection of crystal wallpaper for your next interior design project.

Geode designs

Geodes are secondary geological formations created by sedimentary minerals and volcanic rocks that make mineral deposits inside a hollow rock. When cracked or cut open, these stunning natural formations uncover unique cave-like structures with layers of beautiful multi-colored minerals and patterns of varying density, thickness and composition.

Our collection celebrates a range of cut and cracked geode designs in a wide range of stunning colours and tones, creating stunning effects for feature walls in the business or home.

Artistic crystal wallpaper

Crystals inspire many artists worldwide, using crystals' unique facets and formations to inspire beautiful art in various modalities. Our collection of crystal-inspired art wallpaper features designs such as:

  • Hand-sketched crystal designs
  • Balck and white geometric patterns
  • 3D crystal art
  • Crystal fractals
  • Crystal silhouettes
  • Crystal-inspired geometric art
  • Detailed crystal patterns and more

From subtle crystal designs perfect for full wallcoverings to striking crystal art feature murals, you may be spoiled for choice with our extensive collection of crystal wallpaper.

Self-adhesive removable wallpaper is easy-to-install and requires no previous experience, whether a DIY renovator or a professional interior design specialist.

All that's required is a handful of basic tools, many of which you may already have at home, including a ladder, blade, tape measure and plastic paint scraper.

We have a range of secure payment methods for your convenience and provide fast, reliable and affordable shipping Australia-wide to all States and Territories.

For more information about crystal wallpaper, or any of our other high-quality interior design solutions, contact us today via our toll-free number, or send your inquiry via email, and a staff member will respond promptly.

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