Coastal Wallpaper

Whether you live by the coast or in an urban centre, the ocean inspires interior designers and DIY renovators from the water edge to the dry desert.

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Ocean and coastal images celebrate a passion for the coast while also providing a calming and mesmerising aesthetic in your home or business. Our collection of coastal-inspired wallpaper is a fantastic way to finish an ocean-inspired decor and celebrate your love of the sea.


Our high-definition, photo-quality wallpaper and wall murals will bring the coastline into your living or business spaces, either as wall features or entire wall coverings.

Examples of our sandy beach views include:

  • Long sandy coastlines
  • Aerial beach views
  • Sunrise and sunset scenes
  • Beach and cliff photos
  • Island views and much more

From remote beaches to famous coastlines, there is something for every beach lover in our extensive collection.

Surf and waves

Few have a passion for the ocean like surfers, and surf culture is always alive and well worldwide. So whether you paddle out yourself or just love the beauty of crashing waves, our surf and wave-inspired wallpaper collection will complete your surf-life aesthetic.

Examples of our surf and wave selection include:

  • Rolling waves scenes
  • Big surf
  • Stormy surf
  • Action surfing shots
  • Barrel scenes and more

We also have a range of other surf sports images and graphics, including:

  • Boats
  • Speed boats
  • Jet Skis
  • Paddleboards
  • Bodyboarders
  • Kite surfing and more

Whether for a home installation or a surf culture retail store, you can catch the perfect ride every day with our collection of wave and surf wallpaper.

Ocean and underwater

Explore the mysterious oceans with our range of sea and underwater wallpaper collections. Examples of our extensive range include:

  • Open water images
  • Split surface and submerged photos and graphics
  • Underwater ocean animals
  • Fish and other sea creatures
  • Underwater art prints
  • Hand-painted underwater graphics
  • Fish wall stickers and much more

Live your life above and below the coastline with our comprehensive collection of coastal ocean wallpaper.

Kid’s coastal wallpaper

Are your kids obsessed with the coastline? Does your child's room have a view of the sea? Maybe you run a coastal childcare centre or teach at an oceanside primary school? 

Our kid's coastal wallpaper collection is ideal for bedrooms, playrooms, classrooms, or daycare centres that suit an ocean theme.

Examples of our collection include:

  • Cartoon sea creature friends
  • Fun ocean themed wall stickers
  • Friendly and colourful beachside scenes
  • Calming coastal images
  • Boats and other watercraft
  • Fantasy creatures, like mermaids
  • Complex ocean wallpaper patterns for kids and much more

Give your child or seaside classroom a coastal makeover with our extensive collection of children's coastal-themed wallpaper.

Our extensive collection of coastal-themed wallpaper is self-adhesive, allowing you to install your wallpaper mess-free in minimal time. 

In addition, every pack comes with detailed instructions, making it an ideal interior design option for DIY renovators and professional interior designers.

We offer a range of secure payment options and shipping Australia-wide, so why not browse and buy online today? Call our toll-free number to speak to a representative or send all inquiries via our online contact form.

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