City Wallpaper

With the bright lights, busy streets, exciting nightlife, bustling commerce, parades, celebrations and street market stalls, there is nothing like a day or night in the big city.

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Express your love of visiting or living in the city by transforming your decor into a cityscape with our collection of city-themed wallpaper. From vibrant colour prints to stunning black and white photography, there is a city wallpaper design for every home or business.

Photographic city wallpaper

The city has been an inspirational subject for amateur and professional photographers since the invention of the camera. Our selection of photographic city wallpaper captures city images from worldwide and different time periods.

Examples of our city photography wallpaper include:

  • High-definition colour city images
  • Stunning black and white cityscapes
  • Famous cities
  • Ancient cities
  • Historical city photos and much more

Photographic city wallpaper looks impressive in city apartments and lofts, urban businesses and hospitality venues. With pages of designs, there is bound to be a print to suit every style and taste.

Famous city wallpaper

People travel far and wide to visit famous cities to be inspired by their culture and history. Our famous city wallpaper collection features colour and black and white photos of some of the world's most famous cities, including:

  • London
  • Paris
  • Abu-Dhabi
  • New York
  • Los Angeles and much more

If you have a passion for travel and sedate your itchy feet between trips, browse our comprehensive selection of famous cityscapes.

City art wallpaper

Cities have been an inspiration for artists since the dawn of civilisation. Our comprehensive collection of city art wallpaper features city-themed art prints from around the world and different time periods.

Examples of our range of city-themed art wallpaper include:

  • Oil-painted cityscapes
  • Watercolour prints
  • Hand-sketched city art
  • Charcoal city artworks
  • Famous city landscape art pieces
  • Asian-inspired city landscapes and more

You may even find your hometown with so many designs as you browse through our pages of city-themed wallpaper.

Urban art wallpaper

Urban art is a major feature in cities the world over, creating edgy and sometimes political motifs that, while often pushing the boundaries of the law, become part of a city's image and history.

We have a diverse range of urban art wallpaper prints, including:

  • Tag graffiti art
  • Large scale pieces
  • Graffitied brick textures
  • Famous urban art and more

If you are looking to complete an edgy urban or industrial decor, then our collection of street art wallpaper will have something to complement your design.

Our collection of professional quality removable wallpaper features easy-to-manage self-adhesive backing, requiring no glues or pastes to adhere, and only a few basic tools you may be likely to already have in your home.

Each wallpaper package comes with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions, and video tutorials are available online to help you get the best results. With a range of secure payment options and fast and affordable shipping Australia-wide, why not browse our collection online and buy today?

For more information about our selection of city-themed wallpaper or any of our other removable wallpaper products, call the toll-free number below, or send your inquiry via email, and one of our staff will reply shortly.

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