Chinoiserie Wallpaper

Chinoiserie is a European interpretation of classic East Asian art, including art from countries such as China, Japan, Mongolia, South Korea, and Taiwan. This type of art may be influenced by traditional brushed ink art, calligraphy, pottery, mosaic, textiles and other famous Eastern art mediums.

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Our Chinoiserie wallpaper collection celebrates these beautiful classic and contemporary Asian art forms providing a comprehensive selection of Chinoiserie style prints, be it fine minimalist brushwork or complex, colourful Asian floral designs.

From classic Asian patterns to stunning full wall prints, there is something in our collection for all East Asian art lovers.

Chinoiserie wallpaper patterns

Chinoiserie patterns are often inspired by a mix of subjects, including botanical designs, fauna, mythical creatures and more. Our collection provides a journey through a complex range of East Asian art cultures, respectfully celebrating these distinct and unique art styles, perfect for wallcoverings like removable wallpaper and wall murals.

Examples of our Chinoiserie wallpaper collection include:

  • Chinoiserie geometric patterns
  • Flowers and cranes
  • Cherry blossom designs
  • Peony florals
  • Chrysanthemum patterns
  • Black ink designs
  • Eastern horoscope animals
  • Jungle patterns and much more

Bring a little Eastern influence into your living spaces with our extensive Chinoiserie patterned wallpaper collection.

Chinoiserie wall murals

For centuries, East Asian interior designers have embraced wall murals to celebrate and admire their culture's unique history, folklore, and heritage, inspiring some of the most beautiful art ever created by Eastern artisans.

Our collection of Chinoiserie wall murals includes, but is not limited to:

  • Beautiful nature scenes
  • Famous Japanese tsunami prints
  • Stunning, large-scale floral designs
  • Forest art
  • Complex cityscapes
  • Sculptured Asian garden scenes
  • Honshu designs
  • Segmental room divider inspired prints
  • Asian jungle scenes with native fauna
  • Dynasty pottery art-inspired wall murals and more

Inspired by Asian room dividers, our segmental designs are the ideal solution for closet and panel doors around the home, transforming lifeless utilities into stunning works of Chinoiserie-inspired art.

Contemporary Chinoiserie wall art

Contemporary Chinoiserie designs can include a range of mediums, like modern interpretations of classic East Asian prints or reimagined cultural art direct from the streets of Tokyo, Japan.

Examples of contemporary Chinoiserie wallpaper and wall murals include:

  • Abstract modern Chinoiserie styles
  • Classical inspired Asian street art
  • Urbanised Shoji panels
  • Contemporary Asian florals and botanicals
  • Modern Honshu prints
  • Contemporary bird prints and much more

It is common for contemporary Asian or Chinoiserie wallpaper prints to celebrate the past with modern styles, so think outside the box and enjoy browsing our extensive modern Chinoiserie styles.

Coco is dedicated to providing high-quality removable wallpaper made with eco-friendly materials, designed and printed with state-of-the-art technologies. Our range of removable wallpaper is ideal for professional interior designers and DIY home renovators. 

All our removable wallpaper and wall murals feature an easy to apply and remove self-adhesive backing, allowing easy application with only a handful of basic tools and utilities. We offer fast and affordable shipping in Australia and a range of payment methods, so browse online today and transform your interior design.

For more information about our diverse collection of removable wallpaper products, send your inquiry via our online contact form, or to speak to a representative, call our toll-free number.

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