Brick Wallpaper

The human race has been using brickwork to build civilisations since around 7000 BC. They create a simple but strong interlocked structure that has stood the test of time the world over.

A well laid or heavily textured brick wall can almost be cathartic in its visual appeal, with uniform lines and cuboid shapes contrasted by each brick's unique colour tone, pattern and imperfections.

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Celebrate this feat of human ingenuity with Coco's range of brick-inspired wallpaper. With pages of designs, you may be surprised how many amazing effects you can achieve with brick wallpaper in your home or business.

Grey brick

There are many shades of grey, and we have all of them here in our wide selection of grey brick wallpaper. 

Examples of our collection include:

  • Light and dark greys
  • Black and white photographed brick finishes
  • Concrete brick
  • Grey grouted brick and more

Grey brick gives a subtle effect, allowing the surrounding room's colours and vibrant features to pop and stand out.


Classic red brick finishes can suit a wide range of decors, including:

  • Classic decor
  • Contemporary designs
  • Industrial aesthetics
  • Colonial designs
  • Minimalist themes and more

There are a wide variety of red brick finishes in the Coco collection, including rustic designs, distressed finishes, weathered tones and much more.

Light brick

Lighter coloured brick looks stunning, surrounded by colourful features in bright sunny rooms with lots of flowers and plant life. Lighter coloured brick can also open a space up and make it feel more breathable.

Examples of light brick patterns in our collection include:

  • Yellow brick
  • Lighter reds and oranges
  • White bricks
  • Salt damp bricks
  • Pastel tones and more

Whether for a bedroom, living space, shop, restaurant or office, our range of light brick wallpaper can brighten up anyone's day.

Dark brick

Dark brick wallpaper can be perfect for broody noir decor or contrast with lighter colours around a room. It is also an excellent addition to more industrial, gothic, and rustic interior design styles.

Examples of our range of dark brick wallpaper include:

  • Black brick
  • Aged brick
  • Dark stacked stone
  • Earth toned brick and more

With Coco's range of dark brick wallpaper, wall murals, and hallway art, you can get in touch with your dark side to complete your interior design

Textured brick

Coco's brick-inspired wallpaper collection has a whole world of textured brick finishes. However, you may find it hard to choose your favourite with so many pages of designs.

Our diverse collection of textured brick wallpaper includes designs like:

  • Distressed brick
  • Weathered brick
  • Graffiti and street art on brick
  • Broken brick
  • Mottled brick
  • Stacked stone
  • Concrete brick walls and much more

Coco's range of brick wallpaper is self-adhesive, easy to install, requires minimal tools and comes with detailed, easy to follow instructions.

We provide fast and affordable shipping Australia-wide, and all wallpaper, wall art and wall murals come with our quality guarantee.

Browse and buy today online! Or for more information, contact us via our toll-free number, or send your inquiry via our online contact form, and we will respond promptly.

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