Beach Wallpaper

For many, the beach is a place to escape everyday worries, dig your toes in the sand, cool down in soothing salty water, and walk the coastline for some rest and recovery.

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The ocean is a place of mystery and intrigue, filled with wondrous creatures and tidal waters that lap gently at the beach or crash down as powerful waves.

While some visit the beach from far away, many choose to move to coastal properties to enjoy the fresh salty air and rolling surf every day. Whether you live at the water's edge or inland on higher ground, many people love to run a beach theme in their homes to celebrate their connection to the ocean and the shoreline.

Our collection of beach wallpaper celebrates all aspects of beachside life, from sun and fun to awe-inspiring natural wonders.

Beach themed wallpaper

Our collection features a broad range of beach and ocean-themed wallpaper and wall mural designs for your home decor, including:

  • Tropical beach themes
  • Big surf themes
  • Calm ocean themes
  • Ocean animal and creature themes
  • Rock and shell themes 
  • Seacraft themes and more

There are pages of designs to scroll through; the hardest decision will be deciding which beach theme to choose.

Beach patterned wallpaper

Whether for a bathroom or other beach-themed space, our collection of patterned beach wallpaper will have a design for every style and taste. Examples of our beach patterned designs include:

  • Beach botanical and floral patterns
  • Palm leaves and tree pattern
  • Rocks and shell patterns
  • Sea life patterns
  • Sea bird themes
  • Kid's beach patterns and more

Whether for use as a feature wall or full room covering, there will be something you can use to create a unique customised beach theme in your home or business.

Photographic beach wallpaper

Modern printing and graphics technologies allow for large-scale photographic images to be seamlessly printed onto wallcoverings, like wallpaper, wall murals and wall stickers.

Our large selection of beach-themed photographic wall covering designs include:

  • Aerial beach photography
  • Perfect sunrises and sunsets
  • Stormy beach views
  • Famous beaches and seaside towns
  • Surf action sports
  • Boats, yachts and other seacrafts
  • Ocean and coastal wildlife shots
  • Crystal clear waters, white sands and more

No matter if you are renovating a seaside holiday home, urban property or business, our high-quality wallpaper is ideal for all professional interior design and DIY renovation applications.

Our selection of removable wallpaper is self-adhesive and requires no messy glues and pastes, so there is no need for protective floor and furniture covers. 

All that is necessary for installation is some minor preparation work and a handful of basic tools that are common around the home or business. Each pack of Coco wallpaper comes with easy-to-follow instructions and advice on matching patterns and getting the best finish from your wallpaper installation.

We have a selection of secure payment methods for your convenience and provide shipping to all Australian states and territories, so why not browse and buy today online?

For more information about our range of beach and ocean wallpaper, call our toll-free number, or send your inquiry and details via email.

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