Should I hire a professional?

Our murals are designed for easy installation. You are responsible for installing your mural. We will print and send the mural to you, complete with instructions on how to install your wall mural. Check out our ‘installation guide‘ for more information.

When should I arrange for a decorator?

We strongly recommend that you do not book a decorator until your mural has arrived and you’re happy with it. We use highly reputable couriers to deliver our orders, however on the rare occasion, orders may not arrive on the expected date through circumstances beyond our control. It is also important to know that the actual time of delivery on the day can vary.

How long does it take to install wallpaper?

It completely depends on the size of your wall. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours for a standard wall. Take your time preparing the wall beforehand for best results. This should be done in advance to hang your wallpaper.

Do you offer a sample service?

We offer samples for all of our wallpapers. Samples are standard size A4 (8.5″ x 11″). We highly recommend purchasing a sample first to check colors. While our wallpaper photography is color matched to each product, colors can vary on different computer screens. Please note our samples are pre-cut and intended for color matching purposes, so while they should contain all the colors of the pattern, they likely will not include full elements of the pattern, like all the flowers or a bird.

Should I overlap wallpaper?

No! By overlapping your wallpaper mural, the picture will become distorted. They have been designed for the panels to butt up together for a neater finish.

Can I hang new wallpaper over the top of existing wallpaper?

It is possible but to achieve the best result we wouldn’t recommend it. The new wallpaper will also not adhere to other textured or vinyl coated wallpapers underneath. It’s always best to strip off any existing wallpaper before re-decorating.

How should I prepare my wall for a mural?

It is very important to ensure that your wall is ready for a wall mural. Correct preparation will result in an easier, more straight-forward installation so that your wall mural will correctly adhere to the wall. Adequate preparation will also mean that in the future, removing your wall mural will be as trouble free as possible. Please ensure that your wall is correctly primed and sealed before hanging your wall mural. Be sure to remove all old paste residues. The old paste can stop the new paste from adhering to the wall properly. The wall must be roughened with sandpaper too. Emulsion paint can also result in application errors as again the paste cannot penetrate into the wall.

How do I hang my wallpaper straight?

Before installing your wallpaper, you should draw a straight guideline down the wall by using a spirit level and pencil. This will allow you to line up your first panel straight. From here, you can continue butting up panels to ensure straight wallpaper.

How do I clean the wallpaper?

You can wipe-clean your wall mural. Simply take a clean, damp sponge or cloth and gently wipe using warm water. Do not use chemical detergents on your wall mural as this will risk ruining the image on the mural.

How long can wallpaper last for?

The lifespan of your wallpaper depends on the environment it is installed in. If you are in doubt, we are here to help.

What materials are your wallpapers made from?

We print our wallpapers on two different materials:

  • Our woven wallpaper is a standard wallpaper material that is just made from paper and it requires glue.
  • Our vinyl wallpaper is the most durable wallpaper option. It can be installed by simply peeling & sticking to your wall and easily removed if you want to.
Do your products damage the wall?

Our vinyl wallpaper won’t damage your walls!  The adhesive is more like a gum that doesn’t harden over time, so 2 or 10 years later, it will simply peel off. There will be no adhesive to wipe off the wall either. Make sure that the walls you adhere them to are sound and in good condition.

What causes bubbling or creasing on the wall after hanging?

There are generally two types of bubbles associated with hanging wall coverings which are either due to trapped air or more seriously, continued expansion:

Air bubbles can generally be identified by their shape and will show themselves as a relatively ’round’ type bubble (diameter approx 4-8 inches). These are caused when the paper is smoothed unevenly. The best way to avoid air bubbles is to gently brush the paper down the centre and then out to the edges as you work down the sheet. If bubbles are immediately identified as the wallpaper is being hung then simply lift the wallpaper from the bottom and re-brush/smooth it back down. Air bubbles will reduce slightly upon drying, but will not disappear completely. Pricking them with a needle and then attempting to brush them out after they have dried will almost certainly result in creasing.

Expansion bubbles or creases are caused by continual expansion of the wallpaper. This occurs when the paper has not been left to soak for the recommended time. They normally present themselves as short elongated bubbles (approx 10/15cm long), running parallel to the length of the wall covering and tend to look staggered across the sheet. It is highly unlikely that this type of bubbles will reduce upon drying or be removable once dry.

What causes shrink back (joints between drops opening)?

There are several reasons why wallpaper may shrink; the soaking time was not adhered to. It is absolutely necessary that the pasted lengths are left to soak for the time advised on the wallpaper label. Shrinkage occurs when the wall covering does not adhere to the wall properly before drying. Most wall coverings expand when wet and will try to shrink back on drying if the wall adhesion is poor or the paper is overstretched.

If the wall surface has been correctly prepared, the paper will soon adhere to the wall and should not shrink back whilst drying. Poor wall adhesion can be caused by poor wall preparation or by too little/too weak adhesive and the wall covering starting to dry out before the hanging commences.

Shrink back also occurs when the room temperature is too high during the drying period. We always recommend that radiators are turned off to allow the wall covering to dry naturally. If the room temperature is too high, the rate of contraction (shrink back) will be accelerated and will exceed that rate of adhesion.

How long should it take for my wallpaper to dry out naturally?

For wallpaper to fully dry out it could take from 2 to 7 days, depending upon the type of wallpaper and other factors, such as wall surface, adhesive and atmospheric condition etc.

The wallpaper edges won’t stick down, how do I stop them from lifting?

This type of problem is normally an adhesion issue and the most common cause is ‘drying-in’ of the adhesive at the edge of the paper. When wallpaper is folded adhesive side in, the only area that is exposed to the atmosphere during the soaking period is the very edge of the sheet and it is this area that starts to dry out first. It is therefore important that an adequate amount of adhesive is applied particularly to the edges. The use of a seam roller may prove beneficial in such circumstances but be careful not to damage the surface of the wall covering.

Do I need lining wallpaper?

Lining wallpaper is great if your wall has imperfections as it will provide you with a smoother and better end result. It also provides a fantastic base for wallpaper in general to stick to ensure a superior finish.

What effect does heat have when hanging wallpaper?

Wallpaper needs to be allowed to dry naturally in a well ventilated environment. In areas of high temperature, the drying process may speed up causing the wallpaper to shrink leaving the dreaded gaps in between strips.

How do I protect my wallpaper if I am relocating it?

You can easily protect your wallpaper by simply placing it back on the original backing paper and evenly rolling up your images backwards without creasing. Re-install to its new destination as soon as possible, as we cannot guarantee the adhesion will not deteriorate quickly when not applied directly to  a wall.

Is your wallpaper appropriate to use on my ceiling?

Removable wallpaper looks great on ceiling installation. Create a night sky or cloudy sky in a nursery or child’s bedroom, or create a dramatic dining area with a mural. If your ceiling is a smooth surface, it can definitely be wallpapered. And with our custom service, any design is possible.

I’m unsure how many rolls of wallpaper I need to order, can you help me calculate this?

Sure! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with the wall dimensions (height and width) of each wall you’d like to cover with wallpaper and we can calculate how many wallpaper rolls you’ll need for you.

What is the pattern repeat of your wallpaper?

Pattern repeat measures the design on your wallpaper. It is the vertical distance between one point in the pattern and where that identical point appears again. Pattern repeats can vary in size and are important to keep in mind when deciding how much wallpaper to order.

Should the design on the wallpaper always come off the roll the correct way up?

The short answer is no. The way wallpaper comes off a roll is due to the number of processes the wallpaper passes through during manufacture (each process rewinds the roll in the opposite direction). Manufacturers will generally look to ensure that the paper comes off the roll top first but this cannot be guaranteed and must never be assumed to be the case. Always check before hanging.

Can I deliver to a different address?

When you are making your purchase, you can opt to have the mural delivered to an address that is not your billing address. After entering your billing address, click to send to a different address for delivery and fill in your alternative delivery address details.

What are your expected delivery times?

Delivery time on your order accounts from printing time plus shipping time. Our production time is 2 to 5 business days from when you place your order, make payment, and/or approve the proof (for custom designs). Then there is shipping time. All Coco Wallpaper’s designs are printed in Australia, so we’re able to deliver your printed wallpaper within 5 to 7 business days. 

If you have not received your order within 30 days, please urgently contact us. It is the responsibility of the customer to inform us if an order does not arrive. Once we learn if an order has not arrived by the due date, we will lodge an enquiry with the courier to ensure delivery occurs as soon as possible.

Can I request next day delivery?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee next day delivery. If the wallpaper you choose is in stock in our warehouse, we can use a special courier at an additional charge. Please contact us for any urgent orders during our business hours.

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely! Once we receive your order we will source the best freight available and will be in contact with the cost.

Is there any tax or duty payable on my international order?

As all countries have different duty rules and regulations, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to investigate if any duties are payable on overseas orders.

Returns Policy

Please choose carefully, as unfortunately due to the fragile and custom made nature of our product(s) we do not offer refunds / returns or exchanges based on changes of mind, wrong decisions, incorrect choice or any other means. 

We do however offer a 100% guarantee that our products will arrive in perfect condition, or we will replace it*

*You must contact us within 48hrs of delivery and provide clear photographs of the product and packaging for review. Unfortunately once this time has lapsed, we are unable to assist.

Once reviewed and if deemed damaged by delivery, we will arrange a replacement for you. We will authorise a refund or store credit if we are unable to replace or fix a faulty product. We are not liable for damages sustained during the hanging of your product(s).

As we are online only, the above are our methods and policies for reviewing any damages sustained during delivery. 

All products are artistically designed & edited, and printed from the same design files we advertise online. If you have any queries about a particular design on our website, please contact us before placing your order.

Please always contact us prior to placing your order if you are unsure about your purchase as once an order has been placed you have agreed to all terms, conditions, policies and disclaimers as listed within your purchased product page and your order is non-refundable.

If I order too many rolls can I return unopened ones for a credit?

We produce the wallpaper especially for your order.  We do not accept returns if you over ordered or changed your mind.

Is it possible to use my own photo or digital design? Can I use photos from my phone?

Absolutely! High-resolution images are required. Photographs should be supplied at a minimum of 100 DPI (dots per inch). Ideal resolution is 300 DPI.

As for using photos taken on iPhones or Androids, it really depends on the model of phone and the quality/resolution of the image! You can get in touch with our friendly staff if you are having issues with your images.

What file format do you accept?

We accept JPEG, TIFF, PSD, PNG, AI, EPS and PDF images at this time. For files larger than 60mb please contact us.

Can I use an image found on the Internet (like Google images?)

There are two issues here:

  1. Usually the images on the Internet are not large enough for large format printing. If you want to search for high resolution images you can use Google Images and choose the “search tools” and then select “Size” larger than 4 MP. This will show images that are larger. Not all large images are suitable for printing at full wall size. We’d be happy to examine your selection with you.
  2. The other issue with this is you most likely will need permission/consent to use the photo. If in doubt, contact a Copyright attorney.
Will you share my uploaded photos?

Coco Wallpaper is very respectful and protective of your privacy. Your uploaded images are protected and will never be shared.

How do I check if my own image is high enough resolution?

To find out an image’s DPI (dots per inch), right-click on the file name > Properties > Details. If you have a program like Photoshop, click the “Image” menu and choose “Image Size”. Choose “pixels/inch” from the Resolution drop-down menu if it is not already displayed by default. The number in the Resolution box is the DPI of the photo.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept most major credit and debit cards.

How will I be refunded?

All refunds will be processed to the same method of payment used when placing your order. Please be aware that processing time can vary between different financial institutions and usually takes between 2 – 14 business days for the refund to reach your account. Your refund will exclude any additional shipping costs or import duties and taxes that were originally paid.

Still have a question?

Please contact us for more information.

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